Welcome to the GrinningC.at.

Once upon a time there was a small black cat who lived in a realm of magic and science. It was an awkward kitten, with very few friends and a host of enemies. It grew up to be quiet and reserved—a better listener than talker. It had grand ideas about love and community, justice and language, but it guarded them inside its heart for fear of the criticisms and cruel japes of the other cats.

Eventually, the cat’s family and neighbors grew tired of its demeanor and peculiarities, and cast it out into the vast and dangerous world where it struggled to find any kind soul who might understand the song it kept inside.

Finally, the cat concluded that enough had been enough. Being no great raconteur or socialite, the cat decided that instead of adventuring out in search of kindred spirits, it would build a place of comfort and acceptance for any and all the weary and worn of the world to relax and be themselves.

It built the Grinning Cat—a collection of spaces and places where folx could mingle, linger, adventure or rest as they wished. The cat opened a small tavern and inn within the GC (grinning cat) and settled down in the hopes that others would find it and enjoy some company.

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